Wednesday, October 28, 2009

He is coming home :)

Alyosha is finally on his way home! Currently he is in Moscow, but I will be picking him up in SFO at approximately 2:30pm on Friday! Yay! After all of the drama he has been through in Russia, it should be a relief to finally be able to come back to California (and to me :). His visa is ready, so he should be picking it up today, then flying out on Friday morning. Because of the time difference, he will be arriving in SF on the same day that he departs from Moscow...pretty cool!

Right now I am packing and doing all of my last minute stuff to prepare for the long weekend ahead of me, since I won't be coming back to Sonoma County until Sunday night. After I pick Alyosha up from the airport on Friday, I will take him home to Santa Clara where we will spend the night. On Saturday, we will meet my roommates in SF at our hotel, where we can have dinner and get ready for our crazy night! I'm so happy that Lyosha can join us for Halloween, but I am totally bummed that I am still sick :( Every teacher at my school has been sick, so I'm hoping that my immune system is stronger than theirs since I am one of the last teachers to catch this horrible cold. I can't call in sick because so many other teachers have been out this week, so they desperately need me to work in order to keep the classrooms at ratio. Sometimes I wish I had a normal office job, especially during flu season when all of my students have a runny nose or cough! Maybe I just need to teach older kids :)


Sergey said...

I hope that Alyosha(Why don't u call him Alex btw?) was able to show up at the airport at 2-30 pm PST.

alskor said...

because there's a huge distance between Alex, Lekha and Alyosha.
I arrived at 2-25, as planned. Everything is OK.

Julie said...

I do not know much about Russian nick names, but from what I hear "Alyosha" is one of the dearest forms of Alexey :) Since I am a Russian in training, this is what I call him! And yes, he is safe in California now! Yay!