Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Silver lining.

Soon after moving to San Francisco I was going through a set of medical tests to find the cause for my allergy. 
When doctors say stuff like "we'd like to do some tests to rule out A and B and..." - that's ok. Not much to worry about. And then it goes like that for a few weeks. 
And then you get referred to some new doctor. You arrive there still not worrying too much and the department sign makes you smile - "gee, guys, you've made a mistake in your referral". :-)   The sign says "Department of Oncology". 
And then you realize that was not a mistake.  X8-[=]
The first time you hear from your doctor: "we ruled out the basic stuff and now we have to perform some tests to rule out some blood cancers"... I saw a cool diagram which summarizes someone's feelings at that point (this is not my diagram, but you get the basic idea):

Luckily, all the thorough tests eventually completely ruled out blood cancers. 
That was once-in-a-life experience. It kinda makes you reevaluate what's important and what's not. It makes you laugh at people caught up in their little troubles. 
Another noteworthy thing is that my car got totaled couple days ago. Everything from the first call to my insurance company to the check in my bank took less than 1 day. And I was worried where the heck I'm going to park my car while I'm away on vacation... Haha!  Well, that problem is now gone for sure.

Speaking of vacation... A friend of mine living in Barbados suddenly invited me to pay a visit. I was contemplating this idea for 5 minutes and then said "heck yeah!!". Bought the ticket the next day; leaving tomorrow. My Picasa albums should expect a few new pictures in the next weeks.
UPDATE: here are the Barbados pictures.
What else?.. Well, I just got a new apartment in San Francisco.

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