Saturday, September 19, 2009

San Francisco - Washington,DC - Boston - Frankfurt - Moscow - Novosibirsk. Never again.

Want to know the worst possible route to get from San Francisco, CA to Novosibirsk, Russia?
San Francisco - Washington,DC - Boston - Frankfurt - Moscow - Novosibirsk. ~38 hours total. Never again. EVER.
Don't tell me there's an easier way. We had to book the tickets just a few days before the departure, so had no real choice keeping sane price limits in mind.
The original route was San Francisco - Washington,DC - Frankfurt - Moscow - Novosibirsk. Anybody see Boston in this route? Me neither.
When you're flying across the Atlantic ocean the last thing you want to hear is "ladies and gentlemen, sorry, blah-blah, but we have some problems with liquid hazard materials cargo on our plane, so had to go back to the US and land as soon as possible. We will have to fly to Boston. Don't worry, everything is fine ans safe, just a minor delay..." You're kidding me, right?
Nope. Now we have a fun experience of landing with "liquid hazard materials problems" in Boston. As the result, the schedule was changed. We had to reschedule our flight from Moscow to Novosibirsk. Web-sites like kayak or expedia don't know how to search for tickets from the USA to Russia (except for Moscow). All deals they can offer are weird stuff for thousands and thousands of dollars. That's why I always get tickets USA-Moscow and Moscow-Novosibirsk separately.
There's a flight San Francisco - Frankfurt (Germany) and Frankfurt - Novosibirsk, but for some weird reasons Russian airline S7 charges MUCH more money for Frankfurt-Novosibirsk segment than any US airline charges for San Francisco - Frankfurt.
Can we have a direct flight from San Francisco to Novosibirsk or at least to Moscow, please? Please?
For now next time I will use SFO-Frankfurt-Novosibirsk. It's more much expensive because of S7 prices, but... read the post title. Never again.


Sanik said...

well, one of quite fast route can be SF->Seoul->Vladivostok->N'sk :-)
I'm talking about Korean Air flights :-)

George said...

когда-то мне попадались наполеоновские планы развития Томачёво. И в них упоминался прямой рейс НСК - Сиэтл через Северный полюс.

Может когда-нибудь это, таки, осуществиться.

plotnick said...

Yeah... it's really impossible to go back to USSR, and doesn't matter is it ex- already or still not.

Ivan said...

Lucky you! %) Hope you're okay now.

Anonymous said...

Бедолаги, а можно по русски - что там все таки за проблема с жидкими внезапными багажными материалами? Мой транслятор дает перевод только по словам (((

alskor said...

точная проблема с "материалами" неизвестна. сообщение было примерно такое: на борту самолета возникла проблема с жидкими ядовитыми отходами/материалами и надо срочно вернуться в США выгрузить или переупаковать их.

отдельный вопрос - кому вбить гвоздь в башку за идею погрузить в багаж пассажирского самолета ядовитые жидкие материалы.

Dmitry said...

>кому вбить гвоздь в башку за идею погрузить в багаж пассажирского самолета ядовитые жидкие материалы.

Ну это может быть всё что угодно, вплоть до обдриствашейся собаки :)