Monday, November 9, 2009

"The soup is always best"

Last Saturday was one of the most romantic evenings we have had in a while. After a long, lazy morning, Lyosha and I headed over to Leva's place to pick him up and head to San Francisco for the night. Alyosha told me that the city was something that he missed most about California, and since I had not been to SF for a few months, I also wanted to visit the foggy city. Leva was unable to join us as he had prior engagements to see a movie with Oleg and Anya, so Lyosh and I ventured on alone.

As the sun was setting, we approached the city and decided that the first thing we should do is visit Twin Peaks. I had only been to this vista once before, but the view was so dense with fog that I could barely see 10 feet in front of me. This time it was clear and perfect, as though God knew we were coming.

I was wearing a very short dress so it was difficult to retain my smile in my cold misery. Alyosha, of course, planned ahead and brought a very warm jacket to drape over my shoulders as he held me close and walked me to a protected ledge. After we hopped over a stone wall, Lyosh laid down his padded beach mat and we snuggled together while gazing down at the twinkling city lights. Talks of nature's beauty and our affection for one another somehow led to a discussion of....clam chowder! We both decided that as beautiful as the night was, we were both very hungry and cold, so it was time to move on. After several phone calls, we agreed that Fisherman's Warf had the biggest selection of chowder restaurants.

Boudin is a big building on the Warf with a view and sourdough bread popping out of it's ears. We first admired the "art" on the first floor, which consisted of animal figures made out of baked bread, before climbing 2 flights of stairs to get to the restaurant. We were seated immediately (one of the perks of having a party of 2) and our table was no less than shabby, next to a large window overlooking the entire bay. Lyosha ordered a bowl of clam chowder and I ordered the halibut. I usually like halibut, but I must say that this fish tasted as though they drenched it first with water, then served it to me tasteless. The clam chowder was excellent, which is to be expected since the soup seems to always be the best thing we order at any restaurant.

After dinner, we were in no hurry to get back, so we strolled along the bay, admiring the strange inhabitants of San Francisco which we encountered. I am not sure if it was the city or the time of day or some other outside factor, but I felt a compelling sensation that night to be close to Lyosha and let everyone know that I belonged to him. We watched the break dancers on the street, then we walked to the Rainforest Cafe and sympathized with the sick tropical fish. We decided we would go to Grove Cafe for some coffee before heading back home, but after realizing that parking in any close proximity to the cafe was unrealistic, we agreed that a hot cup of tea at home sounded just as appetizing, so we headed back to Santa Clara.

I can't explain why such a simple night keeps running through my memory, but it made a romantic impression on my brain and it is moments like this that I know God exists :)


Igor said...

I miss clam chowder in bread pot on Fisherman's Warf so much.
...choked with saliva

Julie said...

It is the best! If you go to this place, however, you should just order the side bowl of chowder ($7) instead of the full bowl ($13) because we found that you get just as much soup with the side, except there is more bread with the bigger one! Rip off!

Anonymous said...

Hey, try Segway tour. My experience was fantastic.

I still remember the comment guide made after we finished practicing on the parking lot and were ready to go out into the city. "The moment you exit this parking lot, you are no longer tourists. You are tourist attraction."


Julie said...

A Segway would be so fun! I'm not sure how I would feel about having lots of people stare at me as a tourist attraction, though! Knowing me, I would somehow find a way to crash in front of a big group and make a fool of myself. I'm not sure if Lyosha would want to be seen with me haha

Maxim Bykov said...

Hmm, Levi's plaza, fisherman wharf... so many melodies in memory... Thanks.