Saturday, November 29, 2014


Back to the East Coats of Patagonia  - Puerto Madryn City, warm and sunny. 

This place is famous for two things - whales and penguins.
Now, whales are big and great and all that - no question about that. But penguins... Penguins... They are so freakin' awesome!
I rented a car and drove to Punta Tombo to see them.

My new friend -

And a short video:

Another highlight of Puerto Madryn is snorkeling with sea lions:

You put a suit and a mask on and swim like this:

No good photos from the whales watching boat tour. The phone camera was not fast enough to catch those creates when they jump. Just a few seconds of video:

Many other photos with penguins, sea lions and other weird creatures are here:

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